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Antoine Griezmann (Antoine Griezmann, March 21, 1991 -) is a French football player who plays as a striker and currently plays for the French national team and Atletico Madrid. Griezmann is known for his versatile playing style and his ability to score goals with both feet.

  • Antoine Griezmann Jersey

Antoine Griezmann Jersey.jpg

During his time at Atletico Madrid, Griezmann wore the team's iconic red and white striped jersey. The jersey features vertical red and white stripes on the front, with blue sleeves and a blue collar. The Atletico Madrid crest is prominently displayed on the left chest of the jersey, while the Nike logo is featured on the right chest.

When playing for the French national team, Griezmann wears the iconic blue jersey with the national team crest on the left chest and the Nike logo on the right chest. The jersey features a unique design with a modern take on the traditional blue color of the French national team.

  • Antoine Griezmann’s Childhood & Early Life

Antoine-Griezmann-Childhood-Early Life.jpg

Antoine Griezmann was born to a father of German descent and a mother of Portuguese descent. As a child, he started playing football for his hometown club UF Macon. Despite going for several trials in professional clubs during this time, he was unable to secure a spot due to his small frame and size. In 2005, while on trial with Montpellier, he played a friendly match against Paris Saint Germain and caught the attention of many clubs with his impressive performance. This earned him a one-week trial in San Sebastian.

  • Antoine Griezmann’s Career

Initially, when Antoine joined Sociedad, he attended school during the day and practiced football in the evenings and on weekends. Over the next four years, which was an unusually long time for the club's standards, he was a part of the youth academy. He finally made his professional debut during the 2009-2010 season, after being selected to play in the preseason games. Antoine's impressive performance, which included scoring five goals in four games, made him an ideal candidate for the season. However, it was a left winger's calf injury that gave him the opportunity to join the regular lineup.

Rise to glory

Antoine Griezmann quickly became a regular member of Real Sociedad after making his debut, and went on to feature in most of the matches that season. His talent drew attention from several Ligue 1 clubs, including Lyon, Saint Etienne, and Auxerre, when he signed a five-year contract with the club. As he began scoring goals frequently, he became one of the team's prominent members.

Low points

In the late 2010, there came a period of nine matches when Griezmann failed to score a goal. He went scoreless for nine consecutive matches. The fact that he was scoring goals very frequently highlighted this period even more.

  • Antoine Griezmann’s Records and Achievements

In 2015, Antoine Griezmann achieved the highest single-season total for a French player in the Spanish top division by scoring 22 goals. He was the only Atletico player and one of only three players included in the Team of the Year at the LFP awards, alongside Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. In 2016, he finished in third place in both the Ballon d'Or and the Best FIFA Men's Player awards, and was also awarded the Best Player award for La Liga that year. Additionally, he was named the French Player of the Year in 2016, among many other accolades.

  • Antoine Griezmann’s Children and Relationships


Behind a great man there is a great woman and in the case of the Barcelona forward. That’s Erika Choperena. "The boss" as the Little Prince calls her, became his wife in May 2017 at the Galiana Palace in Toledo.

From this well-known relationship, which had its origins when Griezmann was in San Sebastián, Mia and Amaro were born, the young children of the French striker. "Because she is the one who takes me everything.

There are works at home and she is the one who handles everything, the papers of the house, of the club ... I forget the paperwork. So I only think about football. And that comes in handy for me," Griezmann acknowledged some time ago in an interview.