PJ / February 13, 2023

Kappa Capsule Collection: A Curated Collection of Timeless Pieces"

Sole DXB, a top sneaker and streetwear culture platform based in Dubai, recently partnered with Kappa, a very well Italian sportswear brand, to release a football-inspired capsule collection. This collaboration is an interesting mixture of street style and football culture that gives fans a fresh way to look at their favorite sport.

Kappa Capsule Collection (1).png

  • The Capsule Collection

The capsule collection has a variety of streetwear basics. Each item has both Kappa's signature "Omini" logo and Sole DXB's famous logo. The collection has T-shirts, hoodies, tracksuits, shorts, and caps in bold black, white, and red colors.

  • Materials And The Way It Was Made

Kappa is known for using high-quality materials and paying close attention to details, and the football-inspired capsule collection is no different. Each piece is made from high-quality materials that make it comfortable and long-lasting for the wearer. Technical fabrics like polyester and elastane allow the pieces to breathe and stretch for maximum comfort, and the double stitching makes the pieces stronger and last longer.

Kappa Capsule Collection (2).png

  • The Plans of Capsule Collection

The audacious graphics and logos in the collection are a tribute to football culture. The famous "Omini" logo, which comes from Kappa's roots in football, is displayed prominently on each piece. The Sole DXB logo adds a streetwear edge. The red, white, and black color scheme is a throwback to traditional football colors, so football supporters will be able to spot the collection real quickly.

Kappa Capsule Collection (3).png

  • The Partnership

Sole DXB and Kappa's partnership makes sense because they are both leaders in their own fields. Sole DXB is known for its innovative approach to sneaker and streetwear culture, while Kappa has a long history in football and sportswear. This partnership lets the two brands use each other's strengths to make a collection that is truly unique and exciting for fans.

Kappa Capsule Collection (4).png

Football and streetwear aficionados will love Sole DXB and Kappa's football-inspired capsule collection. Each piece is comfortable, durable, and fashionable thanks to top materials and attention to detail, while the bold graphics and color palette honor the sport. This partnership between two leaders in their own fields is a great example of the power of working together and the impact it can have on the fashion world. So get ready and show your love for both football and streetwear with this exciting collection.